Sunday, 28 August 2011

Recent crochet obsession (plus a new crobot)

So. The colder months are well on their way. Which means knitwear. I ♥ knitwear.

Year after year it is guaranteed that you will find me in Accessorize lusting after this set of gloves or that scarf. I really am terrible. And the price they charge... it makes me shudder.

So instead of longing after over-priced, low quality knits that the entirety of the student population will own, I decided to make my own. On a crochet hook, naturally.

A few days ago I spent an hour or so trawling blogs and pattern archives for fingerless glove patterns. It was so difficult to narrow them down - I loved them all! The one stipulation I made to myself was that it had to be made up of stitches that I already knew (as I wanted to make them instantly.) That just about halved my final selection. (Note to self: learn more stitches)

In the end I chose this pattern by Linda Skuja of Eleven. I couldn't believe that such a pretty design could be achieved by chains and double stitches!

(On a side-note, Linda's designs are uh-may-zing, and I aim to buy one of her patterns for her 'Trans4mers.' She has them on sale at her Etsy shop for around £6. They look so warm and would add interest to a vest top and jeans!)

I bagged this lovely wool for 99p per 50g ball. It was the perfect colour, and super soft and warm. It was begging to be used!

Once I had finished making them, I spontaneously decided to add mini bows to the backs. Now my head is bursting with ideas for decoration, including sequins...

I must make them all! And I want to make different style ones so I have a set of gloves for every outfit...

(I guess I haven't really mentioned my fashion obsession up to yet. But that is another blog post.)

In other crochet news, I made another Crobot. Meet 'Bigbot'

Or 'Trouble-bot' as I like to call him. He was a nightmare to make! Notice his rectangular shape? Well, he was meant to be square to start with...

I can't even begin to re-count the woes I had with this one. But he does look good.

He is the biggest one I have made so far- his outstretched arms make him look like a bit of a wide-boy gangster. But I love him like only a mother could!

♥ Rachel ♥

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