Sunday, 18 September 2011

House Decoration Plans. (And an imminent farewell...)

In just under a week I will be moving into my new house with two very lovely ladies. A fortnight after that, the new term begins.

Now, instead of preparing for the new academic challenges that awaits me (Old English, Chaucer, Greek epic poetry...) I have spent the entire summer making things and organising important utility stuff. And decorating the house in my head...

We can't do anything too major as it is rented accommodation (which is fair) so it is portable and temporary things that I have been focusing on.

This post is essentially a wishlist for the new house!

1) Color Me Katie style streamers.

(Image copyright Katie Sokoler)

2) Original artwork (by yours truly- picture to come!)

3) Leaf streamers like the ones by Elsie at A beautiful Mess

(Pictured is my own version)

4) FAIRY LIGHTS! I have a beautiful Victorian fireplace in my bedroom. It needs fairy lights.

5) Photograph washing lines. With bird pegs.

6) Sunflower mobiles made of tissue paper.

There are a lot more things that I could bang on about, but I'll only photograph it all once it is done so I can show you then!

On a side-note, George of G(OT) THE TRAVEL BUG will set off for Uganda in four days time. Tomorrow may well be the last time I see her for an entire year. It's scary knowing that one of your closest friends is jetting off to a third world country, but also inspiring. She will certainly be an amazing help to the people at Ekisa and I just know that the kids will adore her.

I made her this bunting as a little farewell gift.

As she will be sharing a room with other volunteers this will at least make her bed a little more cheery!

♥ Rachel ♥

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