Sunday, 18 September 2011

Peter Pan

I have recently been very busy on my sewing machine. In a few weeks time my boyfriend and I will be attending Cara's flatwarming party. The theme is Traditional Disney!

Now, aside from Alice in wonderland, I have a small obsession with Peter Pan by J.M Barrie. As a child it was my favourite out of all the Disney films (my mum will testify to this, as she quakes with horror at the watch-and-re-wind routine I put her through...) So when I got to choose an old-school Disney character I immediately gravitated towards Tinkerbell. Because I love her!

And I already own genuine Tinkerbell Wings from Disneyland. As modeled by my 17-year-old self:

I made a green tutu out of bottle green tule to match a bottle green basque that I bought in a Topshop sale years ago. Sadly I do not have any pictures of it right now, but you can stake your life that I will post about the party, so cute outfit post to come. Promise!

To complete the Tinkerbell ensemble I needed a Peter Pan... Oh hello lovely boyfriend! He will be wearing a green top with black jeans, so to make him look more Peter Pan like he needed a hat!

Now it seems Amazon is empty of all such hats. They have Robin Hood, but not Peter Pan. So I decided after a bit of searching that I could make one! I googled for a tutorial and found this

After a bit of stressing over sizing (and after purchasing a lovely sheet of green felt from Abakhan's) I managed to come up with this little treasure!

It is totally too big, but hey ho, it's the best I could do without a head to measure!

Cannot wait for this party. We will all look pretty damned good.

♥ Rachel ♥

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