Thursday, 29 April 2010

A highly opiniated and un-objective view of the General Election.

Welcome to my first blog entry! Thank you for dropping by, I hope you enjoy what I have to say.

There is nothing more fitting for a first entry in these interesting times than to have a rant on politics! Boooo! I hear you cry? Boring? I don’t think so!

This general election is one of the most exciting and close competitions in British history, and this year it really is a three horse race. Our fearless leader, Gordon Brown- King of the Bigots (ouch!)- is in the ring defending his title; his challengers are Nick Clegg of the Liberal Democrats sporting his shiny yellow tie and PR worthy spin, and toff David Cameron, with his oiled hair and slimy persona.

I am not going to lie- personally, I am leaning towards the Lib-Dem side of things. They seem to me the best of a bad bunch. However, I am under no illusions. Currently as I type, the third televised election debate is on and as I listen, I can feel myself getting angrier and angrier the more they talk. Does anyone else agree with me when I say that this TV debate is just a popularity contest? It’s like the X-Factor for the leader of our country. All that is missing is the cheesy rivalry between celebrity judges...oh, wait....

Gordon Brown, it is widely believed, is a tyrannical, bad-tempered useless blob; well, less of the blob. But isn’t that a little unfair? Sure, during his reign as Chancellor of the Exchequer he got us into a bundle of trouble with the old Credit Crunch, but let us be magnanimous- that was a worldwide situation, and he has worked damn hard to provide stabilization and prevented us from falling into pure Depression. So what if he calls his loyal Labour voters bigots?

David Cameron. Yuck. Sorry if you are a Conservative, but as a working class student with aspirations for university, I can’t agree with him. I find him difficult to trust. When he speaks all I can hear is “blah blah blah...” Maybe I am biased; I have neither read his party’s manifesto nor listened to him, and I’ll admit, I don’t think I ever will. And what is it with his “Green” image? It is wonderful that he likes to cycle to work, but why does he need a flock of cameramen and press to join him? Surely that would get a little crowded- accidents could happen. It seems that all he can do is perform. As an actor, he is very talented- maybe he should audition for Eastenders?

Nick Clegg, the Golden Boy of this election. Right? A few weeks ago I was enamoured with this man. He comes across as honest, fair and a down-to-Earth bloke. He seems the type you could have a drink with down at the local. But is he Prime Minister material? Can he put his money where his mouth is? He can talk- boy can he talk, he has one the last two debates after all!- but are his policies founded in truth or idealism? He seems a little green.

And yes, as a Lib-Dem supporter, that makes me green too. I do have my doubts, but I have very little choice. I have had enough of Gordon Brown as Prime Minister- bless his cotton socks- and I’d rather eat shoe leather than vote David Cameron!

So if I am so pro Lib-Dem, why am I in doubt? They are very keen on joining the European Union, and I don’t like that. I’ll be honest, I thought that the EU wasn’t a bad thing, but after a conversation with some people wiser than I (including my mother), I decided that I’d rather give that a miss thankyou-very-much. I’d rather keep my freedom and my pound and British National Pride. If we joined the EU, we would lose all of that; the Euro is crashing, and the last thing we need is a crappy currency.

And what about National Security? The Lib-Dems plan to get rid of Trident, our nuclear defence system- in the current climate the word is in? What about the “War on Terror” that our leaders were so keen to join in with? Surely getting rid of our terror deterrents makes our going to war a waste of time? Why fight for freedom and then drop our defences in the hopes that the rest of the nutters in this world will smile and hold hands and be friends? Clegg is an idealist. Lenin was also an idealist, but no one would ever vote for Communism...

Wow. Since beginning this entry I have confused myself, and now I don’t know who I will vote for. Oh dear...

It seems to me that this moment is what we call in History lessons, a “turning point”. I intend to do my bit on May 6th and use my vote. If you are a non-voter by choice then why?! Our ancestors fought and endured many horrors to ensure our freedom. In my opinion, freedom means my right to choose who is in charge of my future. Not only that, but my female ancestors rose against male dominance and demanded a right to vote. I would never insult their memory by refusing to vote. So yes, we don’t have much of a choice- all parties are as bad as each other. But please, vote. If you don’t then you have no right to complain when everything goes tits up!

Until next time then!


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