Saturday, 9 July 2011

Doormice, Zombies and Beautiful Intentions

Today I would like to introduce my good friend George of G(OT) THE TRAVEL BUG, Georgie is an OT (occupational therapist) who specialises in working with children with mental and physical disabilities. All this year she has been working with the National Autistic Society running youth groups where autistic children and teenagers can meet once a week and feel accepted by their peers. It's a wonderful thing that she does.

To top it off, in September she is setting off for Uganda for a year to work at a place run by Ekisa. She will be working with children who suffer with the same disorders our children suffer with, only the poor babies of Uganda don't have the benefit of free, modern medicine or the knowledge and care to look after them. She is going there voluntarily to give the permanent residents the benefit of her skills and knowledge. Such beautiful intentions. ♥

The reason I mention this is because today I completed her little mascot to take with her! I recently decided that I was going to learn how to crochet (I'd been debating over this book. 'Crobots' by Nelly Pailloux year and decided to go for it last month.)

This little guy is called "Zombiebot". He looks completely different to the design in the book as Georgie requested that there were no sharp or small parts that one of the children at the centre could hurt themselves on. So as a result he doesn't really look like a zombie (more like an under-baked gingerbread man) but he IS soft, cuddly and tiny enough to fit in to limited suitcase space! CUTE! And hopefully it will bring her luck and safety in a dangerous country.

I will miss her for the entire year she is away, but I can't be selfish.

To complete this post I want to show you the cute lavender doormouse I made at Georgie's house on Friday.

I made this one by hand as it was my first attempt- he is a little messy around the edges but I think with a little practice I can make several of these in an hour on a sewing machine! This is a great thing as I hope to hold a craft stall this coming September, and I want cute doormice to be one of the things that I sell!

Could you resist this cutie?!

Have a peaceful Sunday ♥

♥ Rachel ♥

G(OT) THE TRAVEL BUG: Georgie's blog will become more active when she is in Uganda (yeah, we have the same template...)
Ekisa: Follow the stories of those benefiting from Ekisa in Uganda right this very moment.

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  1. Very cute zombiebot ^_^ I'm sure Georgie loves it