Thursday, 14 July 2011

The war-wounds of a handy-crafter

My hands HURT! I've been attempting to follow a different pattern for a crocheted bear these last few days and I seem to be just making a mess!(Not to mention the crazy amount of scrap yarn I keep finding attached to the sleeves of my jumper...)

However, I shall keep plodding on tomorrow with this torture, in the hopes that I can soon provide pictures of this troublesome bear. In the mean-time I need to nurse my ruined hands and failing eyesight back to some sort of working average....

In other news it seems I have become a wannabee recluse, aka: a woman who goes out a lot but really just wants to sit at home all day in comfies with a cup of tea in one hand and the remote control for the DVD player in the other. I'm currently watching Firefly, one sci-fi series I will love forever (more on that in a moment..)

I am slightly concerned about this sudden need to not leave the house, but I believe I have been expecting it - after a year of uni and running about it is nice to not need to do anything. I know I should be out there looking for a summer job or some other self-improvement program but I know for a fact that summer jobs don't exist anymore, and really, after a year of study I have done all the improving I want to for a while!

So when I am sat in my local Starbucks, enjoying yummy coffee and good company, there is a small part of me yearning for our comfy corner unit and my boyfriend's fleece-lined jogging bottoms...

...And yes, the outrageously charming Captain Mal. Oh Firefly, I have been waiting for a year to finally get around to watching you, and now I am truly addicted. I borrowed the DVDs from George (see last post) and all I can think about is "when can I watch the next episode?!" It doesn't help that my family don't particularly like sci-fi so I have to schedule it around when the livingroom is free.

Episode six tomorrow...

PS: Six monthiversary to me and my dear ♥♥♥

Take care of yourselves! ♥

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