Sunday, 7 August 2011


Is the most beautiful blue in the world. I took my first steps into the creative world when I was a young child. Armed with my crayola wax crayons and pencils I felt I could make the world extra pretty!

One of my favourite things to do (aside from the actual colouring in part) was to read the names of the colours along the side of the labels. Names such as 'Thistle', 'Magenta' and 'Aquamarine.' However, my favourite name was 'Caerulean.' I loved the way it sounded, and how its soothing name matched its beautiful colour. Whenever I coloured in a sky I would ignore the 'sky blue' and hit it up with caerulean!

Why all this blather about a crayola wax crayon? Well the other week I found a ball of wool in the exact shade I loved as a child. Naturally I snapped it up!

Around the same time I discovered that there is a whole host of crochet patterns available online. (It was such an amazing revelation!) I found a lovely hair bow pattern and knew exactly the colour I would use...

(Of course I now want a hair bow in every colour that exists ever!)

I also got the itch to create another 'crobot' and knew that this colour was perfect in combination with a silvery grey. (Also, blue and grey happens to be one of my preferred colour combinations.)

Meet 'Mechanobot.' Apparently he will fix things that are broken, but really I just made him to look good.

I didn't like the idea of sticking screws in him (it just seemed cruel) so I changed the design quite a lot. However, these things are only a guide I suppose.

Either way, I got to play around with my favourite childhood colour making things that are current to my tastes now (and not just colouring in the sky behind a house with frilly curtains...)

What is your favourite crayola colour?

♥ Rachel ♥

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