Friday, 26 August 2011

Self-portrait challenge: day 1/365

I was catching up with one of my favourite blogs, A Beautiful Mess, and was reading this post about taking better self-portraits when I stumbled across the 365 day self portrait challenge. After searching in Google I found out that it really is as simple as it sounds. One self portrait a day for a year.

At first I was like: "Oh that is nice." Then I was like: "Hmmm... I could do that..."

So I am.

Here is day 1.

After a restless night of creative anticipation I was in desperate need of coffee and peanut-butter on toast. Sadly I was so tired I burnt the toast. Hence the very gloomy expression...

This project is not so that I can post pretty photos of myself all over the internet. This - for me - is an artistic and creative exploration. I hope to achieve some sort of insight at the end of the project, or at least a sense of satisfaction that I finally stuck with something.

And because it is not about being pretty, I wanted to start off as I mean to go on; with a truthful account of me. After all, a self-portrait is about capturing something of the personality of the subject, and not just to flatter. I like to think that, as an artist, I am beyond such vanity. (Of course, having pretty photos occasionally is nice, and an ego boost. I am just saying that not all of these pictures will be flattering!)

I doubt I will be able to update every single day, especially once I have returned back to university, but I will keep posting. This blog started out as a little distraction for me during the long summer, but I really enjoy keeping it so I will continue it!

Craft updates coming soon!


♥ Rachel ♥

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