Sunday, 28 August 2011

Alice in Wonderland craft binge (of sorts)

Every now and then I can get bored of crochet (shocking I know...) So, for non-crochet related projects I like to look at the Everything Alice book. (mentioned here)

The cover of this book is beautiful and all I want to do sometimes is look at the pretty pictures! However, as I mentioned, I always turn to this book for non-crochet related craft projects.

Several weeks ago I decided I would make lavender lemonade. After following the instructions exactly the end result was most definitely too sweet. But I reckon with a few modifications it will be ok next time.

Because it was such a pretty drink I just had to put it in a pretty bottle. So I found one in a pound charity shop and I believe I got a right good bargain!

Then, naturally, it needed a 'Drink Me' label. Just to keep things authentic...

The other project I decided to do was the envelope cushion cover. Only, in the introduction it mentioned that it would make a lovely bag and I was like "Hell yeah!"

Now, aside from the lavender doormice I hadn't used my new sewing machine up until now. Nor had I made anything so big (with such pricey fabric...) So I was nervous!

I broke down the steps into stages and completed them over a couple of weeks. I decided that the worst possible thing to do was to try and do it all in one go.

In all honesty, my sewing machine was a nightmare (to start with.) It took a lovely mummy half an hour to save me! But after that it was plain sailing and I had a working envelope.

I then spent an entire afternoon making the stamp. Yes, those sequins are individually sewn on...

Last night I finally put all the pieces together and I am very happy with the result. The only thing missing is a strap. Awkward, as it is meant to be a bag, but I don't want to add one on and it look wrong so I am taking my time over that bit. But I couldn't wait to put the result on here!

(The front)

It is the perfect size for a pad of paper, some pens, my phone and a small book. Hopefully I can use it for university when it is not raining (if this bag got wet I think I may have an emotional breakdown...)

(The back- with cheat fastening!)

And if I can't use it for uni, then what the hell, it will look pretty in my room as a cushion...

(Detail of the 'stamp')

Whatever its use, I am just so so proud of it!

I hope you have an inspirational week!

♥ Rachel ♥

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