Saturday, 1 October 2011

Apologies for ignoring you...

...It was nothing personal, I promise! But you see, moving back into uni life has been hectic! I have completely neglected my self-portrait challenge (for which I am not sorry, and I will not beat myself up about it. I can pick it up again after all!) and almost forgot that I ran a blog. But that is what a big life-change does.

I hate change. I really don't cope too well with it, and because of this everything gets interrupted. But once I am settled down properly I will resume regular posting.

As of this moment I am drinking blueberry sourz, stitching a top so it doesn't pop open whilst I am dancing later, trying not to think about the horror of the slug invasion in the kitchen (yes, the kitchen!)

There is lots to catch up on, including the cute tinkerbell outfit photo from Cara's Disney flat warming party...

But tonight I am just going to forget some of the more stressful events of this week (including one of the babies at Ekisa dying a day ago)and dance the night away to Florence + the Machine with my beautiful housemate. (My other beautiful housemate is moving in tomorrow, and I really can't wait!)

So please be patient. I haven't completely forgot!

(image taken last year, when I was a legitimate fresher...)

♥ Rachel ♥

1 comment:

  1. Rachel,
    it's been fun to follow your posts but it's great to read this one! Have a great night & don't stress the small stuff. There is a time & a place for everything. It's called University!
    Have a Fab time this year, Love & Light from the Family P x
    PS. Slugs hate coffee, so coffee grounds will drive them out. x