Monday, 6 February 2012

On Defrosting Nutella in the Microwave

It's been rather chilly lately, and what with the recent covering of snow we received the other night, it should not have come as a surprise when today I had to heat my Nutella up to make it remotely spreadable. Yes ladies and gentlemen, it had pretty much frozen in my cupboard. Fortunately I am a resourceful kind of soul, and this little obstacle did not prevent me from my Nutella and toast. Although perhaps it should have made me think twice about it, as I am supposed to be on a bit of a detox...

Anyway, this seems like a nice way of introducing my latest craft creation! Last post I was (pathetically) excited to buy a draught excluder, but to my horror, Leicester does not sell them. Anywhere. The ones I found on Amazon were pretty, but expensive. £12.00 for a draught excluder?! I think not!

So the aforementioned resourcefulness kicked in and I promptly started searching for tutorials. I had a stash of fabric from my splurge in the summer and an ab-fab sewing machine so why the hell not? In the end I chose this tutorial. Super quick and easy and it works a treat on the inch and a half gap at the bottom of my internal door...

In another desperate bid to keep warm I invested in a load of thermals - tops and trousers! I know I know, essentially I'm practically 21 and I just admitted to purchasing long-johns but I've never been my age in my head...

How are you guys keeping warm this winter?

♥ Rachel ♥

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