Sunday, 12 February 2012

On Turning 21

In less than 10 days I turn 21. Twenty One. Not sure if want...

But, despite showing signs of an Early-Life-Crisis (the desperate need to act young,rather than my usual granny-self) I am determined that I will have a thoroughly 'me' style celebration. This - naturally - will include my all-time-favourite Alice in Wonderland!

So I shall be hosting a Mad Hatter's Tea Party. Mmmmmm. And I shall be Alice. Obviously. Over the next week I will be making decorations, baking and preparing for my Un-Birthday Extravaganza (as it won't be on my actual birthday.) Of course, preparing for all of that would not be an issue if I didn't have to prepare to give a presentation to one of the most frightening tutors I have ever had in my life. But oh well, I'm practically 21 - this means I need to grow a pair I guess.

I gathered all my party inspiration on to Pintrest (the best place on the Internet beside Ravelry...) If you fancy, check out my Party Pin Board and the others here. If you don't fancy, however, then I won't be offended. Much.

In the spirit of things I will have a few D.I.Y party decoration ideas and bakes to post here, so keep an eye out for the fun! Right now, for example, I am cutting out Clubs, Spades, Diamonds and Hearts to make few cute mobiles with. (It's theraputic, as well as good procrastination.)

I'll be back later this week with my first '21st Un-Birthday Tea Party Extravaganza' craft update. Until then!

♥ Rachel ♥

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