Sunday, 4 March 2012

The quagmire of career research

It's nearly eleven o-clock at night. I've done all my reading for the coming academic week. I've even found a few articles for my upcoming essay. And yet I am still attached to my laptop (instead of - say - my crochet hook or a good book or even my boyfriend.) Why? I'll tell you why. C-a-r-e-e-r-s r-e-s-e-a-r-c-h. *shudder*

Last week I (naively) thought that enrolling on an employability certificate which only took six contact hours at the most was a wonderful idea. After all, I have no clue what to do in life, I figured starting with this degree of mine to be the best thing I could do. Yet here I am, at just gone eleven at night cursing my stupidity.

I've just had to fill out a 'suitable jobs' thingy-majig. What a complete waste of time. If want to be a dancer it's as easy as pie apparently. Or a writer. Or an artist. Super easy.

It's like the program written for this thing is a child. It reminds me of my innocent childhood dreams of wanting to be an astronaut (yes. I did!) Because of course, it is all that simple.

I don't wish to come across as cynical here, but really!

Maybe it's the lateness of the hour?

Or maybe it's my lack of confidence?

I know; I'll blame it on the lack of tea...

♥ Rachel ♥

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