Saturday, 3 March 2012

♥ Tea ♥

You may or may not be aware that I have a particular fondness for the delightful caffeinated beverage, Tea. It's just wonderful isn't it? And there are so many different types! Seriously, I want to try all of them!

So when it comes to birthdays and such, I'm very easy to buy for - as evidenced by all the caffeine-related gifts I got for my 21st! (Including amaretto flavour coffee...*grin*)

The cute little house in the picture is a tea infuser from my dear friend Cara (perfect for lightweight travel...) I was so excited that I went and bought loose leaf tea as soon as I could!

'Russian Caravan' sounded so sweet that I didn't care what it tasted like! Luckily it's light and refreshing and I love it (and at £3 for 125g it's a relief I do!)

Also, George sent me a parcel all the way from Uganda!

And trust me, this tea is so yummy! It's stronger than breakfast tea with a spicy after-kick. I have to seriously control myself with these tea bags as they are limited! (25 a's a calamity!)

Aside from tea, what do you think of my photoshop skills? I'm getting faster and neater at creating montages now, which is a relief as a montage is one of my favourite ways to display pictures.

And on another side note, remember my little - ah - obsession with Firefly's Malcom Reynolds? Well I have a new and exciting way to indulge my Nathan Fillion-mania - Castle! A crime-comedy show about a crime writer who helps (annoys) Detective Kate Beckett as she solves murders in New York. It's so funny (and addictive.) Fortunately for me, Scott enjoys it too, so we chill out and watch it together of an evening, which is nice.

Enjoy your weekend!

♥ Rachel ♥

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