Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The need to Chill.

Yesterday I woke up without a voice. It seemingly ran away during the night and I spent some time handing out "missing" posters before resigning myself to waiting for it to return. Which it has. To a degree...

Normally it wouldn't be an issue but yesterday was a seminar heavy day. Eep! So after my 8am wake up call, 9am seminar on Old English, a cancelled lecture on Chaucer AND losing my voice, I was feeling the need to have some down time.

So I treated myself to the Starbucks experience. At home!

I was a Starbucks addict. It got quite ridiculous, and although I have written a silly article on it (can be read here)it was a genuine issue for me! (Essentially I have no will-power against the evil machine of Capitalism. *shameface*)

So, to save my bank balance - and my soul - I obtained a cafetiere. And because I have heard so much about it, on various blogs and from friends, I bought a huge bottle of Pumpkin Spice syrup. Without ever having any before. Fortunately I love it!

Directions for the Starbucks Experience AT HOME

You will need: 1 Cafetiere (or peculator, or posh machine, or instant coffee) Coffee of choice, flavouring of choice, your favourite mug, milk, microwave, snack of choice, a good book.

1) If you are me then you forgot to wash the cafetiere from the last use (the night before...) so make it shiny clean and ready for the new day.

2) Brew your coffee. Heat milk in the microwave

3) Add flavouring to your mug. Then coffee. Then milk. Stir.

4) Prepare your snack (mine was a maple and pecan plait, so I heated it in the microwave)

5) Settle in your favourite spot, maybe with some soothing music playing in the background, and commence the Relaxation.

After this little moment of peace I was ready for my seminar on Chaucer and my other seminar on the Sonnets of Shakespeare. (I dislike poetry more than most English Students should...)

Treat yourself! You deserve it!

♥ Rachel ♥

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  1. Great to see you aren't letting (coffee) standards slip :)