Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The House Post.

That has been a long time coming. I've been meaning to post pretty pictures about this gorgeous house since I moved in, but I haven't found the time til now! So, without further ado, here is The Prettiest House Ever (for a student house.)

As my first home from home (halls never counted) I feel we couldn't have got a nicer place. Yes, it is freakishly cold because of the single glazing, painted plaster and hard wood flooring (not to mention the droughty doors frames) but it is just so pretty!

This is the front door. It was the first thing we saw when we came to view the house and I think we already knew that, after six house viewings (which is a lot by student standards- some people looked at only two before choosing) this was the One. I mean, it's Duck Egg Blue. And it has a trellis.

Sadly the first room you enter is my bedroom (my own personal entrance!) So my housemates have to use the side-passage which leads to the garden and kitchen.

Which, quite frankly, I am glad I don't have to use. It is a tad menacing at night, even with the security lights! However, during the day the garden is beautiful.

The tree is at the bottom and is huge You can see it from the skylight in the kitchen!

(Check that out!)

The garden is full of cute things!

Like this!

And this! (So so cute!)

Our kitchen is quite narrow, and a squeeze for three people at once, but everything just looks great! And, even though we struggled, we managed to find a home for everything.

This is the Tea Station. Everything we need to make tea, coffee, hot chocolate, chai tea latte... is right here. It is the most used part of the kitchen *wink face*

(There are no more kitchen pictures as there is always a stack of washing up in sink, which is not photogenic!)

This is my bedroom.

Literally, there isn't room for much else other than my bed!

(This poster is of Le Fablieux Destine de Amelie Poulaine, by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, my favourite film of All Time. Ever. I also happen to love Audrey Tatou.)

All the bedrooms have original fireplaces in them. Which are beautiful, yes, but oh my god are they cold! Brrr!

My desk tidy. Not that I have a tidy desk!

I purposely tidied before taking this picture. It was a state!

It is nice to have pictures of loved ones in your work space; it feels like I am being spurred on by their encouraging presence. Even if it is in a photo-frame!

This is a letter from George all the way from Uganda! I still need to reply to her... Ooops.

And that concludes the tour! It is half one in the morning and my hands are now refusing to work properly because it is so cold. I should probably start wearing these in the house more...!

Tomorrow I have lectures on Chaucer and Old English. It is an easy day, but I had better do some homework before the weekend is here, as I need to dedicate the entire time to Halloween Costume Shopping!

Goodnight! (Or good morning, depending on your view!)

Note: The 'Home Sweet Home' picture at the topis actually a cushion that my mum made for me:

I love it

♥ Rachel ♥

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