Saturday, 17 December 2011

Baby, it's cold outside...

...which would not be an issue if it wasn't colder inside. Living in halls last year had its downsides - filthy kitchen, noisy flatmates, broken showers - but the what I considered to be one of the worst things was just how hot they were. Swelteringly, uncontrollably hot.

How naive I was...

Our house is beautiful. I dedicated an entire post to it a while back. But it is also cold. Painfully cold.

If you ever find yourself living in a place where none of the doors or windows fit their frames, or all the floors are made of tile or wood, or where there is no double glazing then here is are a few tips on keeping as warm as possible:

1) Put some clothes on. Sounds obvious right? Wrong. I've heard so many people complaining about their housemates because they insist on burning (expensive) gas all day for heating. Because they walk around in cami tops and jogging bottoms. Definitely don't do that! Tights, leggings and jeans - all at once- are your best friend. So are those cami tops - underneath a t-shirt, thin sweater, hoody and massive wooly jumper. It's all about the layers this winter!
2) Hot water bottles love you. Need I say more? They radiate heat.
3) Hot beverages Whatever your poison, make it hot. Tea is my personal favourite. Holding a steaming hot mug of tea warms your hands and your heart!

(Speaking of which. Tea.... Yes... I shall be right back!)


Back again. With a lovely mug of hot tea to warm my frozen hands! Anyway:

4) Shower lots The bathroom is the warmest place in our house. However it is the coldest in my boyfriend's! It depends, but I find that after a hot shower I feel warmed up again!
6) Invest in a blanket Be it fleecy or just a random throw that came with a duvet set, get one. You can even get ones with sleeves!
7) If, like me, you live in the front room on the ground floor then you will have the agony of the front door. Plug up all the gaps to minimise the draft. I need to do this myself, as I only worked this one out two days ago...

Hope that helped somewhat! Fortunately for me I get to escape back home to my mum's house for Christmas break! Yippee!

All the best, keep warm!

♥ Rachel ♥

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